After being cast for the pilot 'REALITY' and having worked in televised global sports entertainment, a feeling that an ongoing involvement in television seemed like a logical possibility.  TV has always been a medium that has interested me because of the unique story it can tell, the broad-reaching impact it can have, and because of its dynamic nature.  Television has the amazing ability to not only deeply impact our culture, but to change it, and even set its direction.  Under the right circumstances, TV can be the most powerful medium for good available and most impactful form of entertainment on our daily lexicon.  With this understanding in mind, it became clear that if I could combine three interests of mine; television, high-altitude mountaineering and trying to help make the world a little bit better of a place then the day I arrived in it, then maybe, just maybe something really cool could happen?


Currently, I'm engaged in an adventure-based TV / Documentary + VR production tilted 'THE QUEST Series'.  I spent 63 days on production in Nepal for 'THE QUEST', filming in stunning 2D as well as one-of-a-kind VR all the way to the summit of Mt. Everest (29,032 feet / 8849 meters).  The 1st installments of the series, 'THE QUEST: Nepal' Documentary and 'THE QUEST: Everest VR' Experience, are epic Quests to deeper understand & climb the most iconic mountain on earth, Everest, and to reveal the amazing rarely-seen culture, history and nature of Nepal. 

From experiencing Everest like never before in stunning 2D and full Virtual Reality, to exploring the Birthplace of Buddhism and more, 'THE QUEST' will take you on educational thrill ride through one of the most amazing places on earth!  For more information about 'THE QUEST' and potential partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact me at your convenience

Music videos continue to have a varying degree of significance within global pop culture.  They are a truly unique medium of creativity for musicians and filmmakers alike to tell an intriguing interwoven story.  From the uplifting inspiration within the midst of tragedy of 'Staying Gold' by indie rock sensation Brick + Mortar, to the socially provocative track of 'LIV' by the hip-hop collaboration of Ron Julian & Ausar-Em-Ka, I have enjoyed helping to weave visions of music and visuals through this art form. 


If you wish, you can also check in at or YouTube to see what other TV or music video productions may be in store for the world to share and enjoy? :)

Coming from an international marketing, promotions & organizational communications background, getting involved in commercial and print media seemed like a natural fit.  However, to be honest, I never expected to be cast for any print modeling work along the way, but what the heck...why not? 


The skillful + creative eyes of some of the photographers, DPs, directors and producers I have been able to work with on various TV, web and print spots, have been truly amazing.  The long-term friendships I have been able to establish within this broad creative community, has been just as amazing if not even more so!


The diversity of these mediums has allowed to me to work in beautiful mountain settings on behalf of such companies as SmartWool, within the exciting car industry for global brands like Mazda, even to the manufacturing floors for high-tech firms such as UpSync, etc.  From portraying the Marvel superhero icon Spider Man, to the honor of playing soldiers within a United States Military Video Series, these various experiences have been memorable and a lot of fun.


I look forward to doing more commercial acting & print modeling work in the days, months and years to come, as well as collaborating with sponsors, ad agencies, PR firms and entertainment companies in these industries to help maximize their promotional efforts...


A more detailed listing of some of these endeavors can be found at / LinkedIn, etc.

Alex Harz