Alex Harz




Many say that humor is the best release for the mind & soul.  I couldn't agree more :)  When you're laughing, having a good time and being able to poke fun at yourself and the world around you, then no matter what stressors or hardships may occupy your day, for that moment in time things don't seem to be all that bad.


Since the tomfoolery days of 'LAMB TV', I have fallen in love with all sorts of improvised & sketch humor.  Doing short sketch films just because or being a cast member of the corporate comedy relief troupe, 'The Go Game', laughter of all sorts just seems to run through my veins?!


This love for humor & laughter has also driven me to the stage and the airwaves / online streams of live radio to perform Short & Long-form Improvised Comedy.  Unlike the editing and alterations available to film or reality television, improv is instant, non-scripted and in front of a live audience.  There might be no better way to let out your inner child or live out an alter reality than via improvised comedy? :)


Prior to the days of Covid-19 and embarking on 'THE QUEST Series', you may have found me performing at The Bovine Metropolis Theater for a Monday Night Hootenanny or Thursday Night PrimeTimeshow with a Bovine House Team or during other performances throughout the year.  Furthermore, I was a cast member of the long-running 'Scoundrel' Improv Comedy Troupe at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, performing regularly on Wednesday nights and on Saturday nights for the popular improv comedy cagematch, formally known as the 'The Duel'...



In addition, I am the Founder & Host of the World Improv Network (WIN SHOW), a previously once weekly "live" Improvised Comedy Radio & Videostreaming Show every Sunday from 7:58 - 9pm MT on Mile High Sports Radio.  The WIN SHOW could be heard live over the air throughout Colorado on KDCO Denver - FM104.7 / AM1340, etc. or from anywhere in the world via Mile High Sports Online.  You could also "watch" the WIN SHOW being performed live in the Mile High Sports studio on FaceBook / Periscope, etc. via the World Improv Network Page. 

One could take part in this truly unique comedy experience by posting "your suggestions or questions" for the 25 member WIN SHOW Cast on the WIN SHOW FaceBook Page / WIN SHOW Twitter Page or by calling directly into the 'AUDI Studio Hotline', and thus help make all this nutty real-time improv comedy happen!  If you missed any of the WIN SHOW's live airings, all previous shows can still be played back in their entirety via the WIN SHOW Podcast on ITunes, Google Play, etc. @ World Improv Network or each WIN SHOW Segment can be heard individually on the World Improv Network YouTube Channel...

​More live theater, radio, improv comedy, etc. information may be found at my IMDB Page or at the Improv Network.

For more filmography information, please feel free to check out my IMDB Page or my YouTube Channel.

From the feature dark comedy film 'AMERICAN DREAM ?', to the 100% philanthropy-based war veterans documentary, 'THE VETERAN STORY', I have always tried to maintain a focus on not only creating, collaborating on and or acting in original film productions, but also helping in their marketing, PR & distribution efforts.


It takes a wealth of collaboration, time & resources to get to the end credits of a film.  Thus, I strongly feel in order to maximize the potential and success of a production, two essentials are necessary; 1) form strong strategic & creative alliances with individuals, companies and organizations that add valuable skill sets, experience & assets to a project; 2) develop clear win-win-win scenarios for all parties involved; from above-the-line to below-the-line, from sponsors to benefactors, from media outlets to distributors.  With this philosophy in hand, I have been fortunate enough to work with some truly wonderful organizations & extremely talented individuals over the years!  Thank you all very much!


Currently, I'm engaged in an adventure-based TV / Documentary + VR production tilted 'THE QUEST Series'.  I spent 63 days on production in Nepal for 'THE QUEST', filming in stunning 2D as well as one-of-a-kind VR all the way to the summit of Mt. Everest (29,032 feet / 8849 meters).  The 1st installments of the series, 'THE QUEST: Nepal' Documentary and 'THE QUEST: Everest VR' Experience, are epic Quests to deeper understand & climb the most iconic mountain on earth, Everest, and to reveal the amazing rarely-seen culture, history and nature of Nepal. 

From experiencing Everest like never before in stunning 2D and full Virtual Reality, to exploring the Birthplace of Buddhism and more, 'THE QUEST' will take you on educational thrill ride through one of the most amazing places on earth!  For more information about 'THE QUEST' and potential partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.  Here is a brief excerpt from 'THE QUEST: Nepal' project summary


It’s Midnight in the “Death Zone” and your tent is being battered by howling frigid winds above 26,000 feet.  It’s cold, dark, difficult to breathe, and you notice the effects of 1 ½ months of climbing at extreme altitude.  You question whether or not to get out of your -40 degree sleeping bag, but this is Summit Night and if you want to reach the Top of the World, Mt. Everest at 29,032 feet, and complete one of man’s greatest accomplishmentsit’s now or never!  Driven to inspire others with this one-of-a-kind project, you will yourself to climb on...3000 more vertical feet to complete THE QUEST! 


Some additional film projects I have been fortunate enough to take part in, include 'NIGHT THINGS', 'SUBURBAN', 'CAROSELLO', 'LAMB TV', etc...