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One of the most revered human feats and adventure experiences since first being successfully achieved on May 29, 1953 by Tenzing Norgay & Sir Edmund Hillary, has been summitting the highest and most iconic mountain on earth, Mt. Everest.  Rising a daunting 29,032 Feet / 8849 Meters into the sky, Everest or Chomolungma ("Goddess Mother Of The World") as the native Sherpa people of Nepal and Tibet call it, is the ultimate test of physical & mental toughness, dedication & determination and goal-oriented achievement.

After spending 52 Days trekking, climbing, filming, living at extreme high altitude and entering "The Death Zone" to successfully summit Everest in order to honor a childhood promise to myself and to film 'THE QUEST' 2D Documentary + Virtual Reality production, this experience has given me some unique perspectives on the unwavering discipline to follow & achieve a lifelong dream, testing one's personal limits and using cross-cultural collaboration + teamwork to accomplish a common formidable goal.  Needless to say, many other valuable and useful life lessons were reaffirmed under these extreme conditions, as well as some new ones discovered along the way...  

Creating, producing, hosting and managing a group of 25 highly talented comedians for the only "live" Improvised Comedy Radio & Videostreaming Show in the world, known as the World Improv Network (WIN Show), further fine-tuned my public speaking skills and helped me hone in on the techniques of the ultimate spontaneous form of communication...Improv Comedy :)  Unlike the editing & alterations available to film, television and other forms of scripted content, improv comedy is instantaneous, real, and teaches one a vast array of beneficial verbal + non-verbal tools useful in daily interpersonal or group communication environments...

Because of my multinational background, extensive global travels and diverse international business experience, I'm able to address with a broad perspective individuals and audiences from all across the world.  My small town / mid-city upbringing in Schwalheim, Germany and Omaha, Nebraska respectively, has helped give me the foundation to be grounded in more rural and traditional roots as well. 

Thus, given my diverse public speaking history, education, broad insight in a wide range of global business sectors, entrepreneurial projects and creative productions, combined with my high-level athletic experiences and international background, I may be able to offer valuable inspirational / motivational / informative facilitation for those parties seeking a truly unique + discerning speaker to address their employees and constituents or to represent their brand on a regional, national or international basis...


If you or your company would like to discuss some impactful Speaking and or Brand Ambassador Opportunities, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.