Alex Harz




Being born in Spain, living in Germany, and spending most of my summers in Europe after moving to the United States, the desire to experience the wonderful landscapes & cultures of our world was entrenched in me early on. It became clear that international travel, adventure, business & philanthropy were to become major driving forces in my life.

With the great fortune of having traveled across 6 continents, I have learned that it does not matter what language you speak, what religion you follow or what job you may or may not have, there are only 2 kinds of people in this world..."good" or "bad". Following this simple tenant, I feel that our commonalities as human beings can far outweigh our differences, and that all "good" people can have a positive impact on the lives of others & on our planet as a whole.


Since I was able to walk, athletics have always played a huge part in my life. College soccer, scuba, snowboarding, basketball, rock climbing, high-altitude mountaineering, etc. have helped instill in me some positive life skills; discipline, dedication, team work, hard work & to never give up.


Passionate about filmmaking & adventure, with a love for being on either side of the camera, I have been fortunate enough to have developed a fairly well-versed set of acting, production, writing & directing skills over the years. Combined with a foundation in international business, marketing, PR and events management, I try to utilize this broad range of experience to enhance & maximize the potential of the projects I am involved in. From feature films to documentaries, from commercial print & improvised comedy to international sports marketing & events management, I take great joy in working on a wide range of original projects. 

You Must First Believe You Can.


To Soar Above The Clouds,


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