Alex Harz

Currently, I am engaged in an adventure-based production tilted 'THE QUEST'.  THE QUEST is a one-of-a-kind interactive TV Series / Film embarking on an epic adventure to climb legendary Mt. Everest, and a cinematic journey deep into the exotic scenery, culture and people of Nepal, all for the direct benefit of a global viewing audience, its project partners and charitable beneficiaries.

From witnessing the day-to-day training for Everest, to viewing rarely scene stories about Nepal, join in on the excitement of this amazing Quest!  For more information about THE QUEST and potential partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. 

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To Soar Above The Clouds,


You Must First Believe You Can.


With the great fortune of having traveled across 6 continents, I have learned that it does not matter what language you speak, what religion you follow or what job you may or may not have, there are only 2 kinds of people in this world..."good" or "bad".  Following this simple tenant, I feel that our commonalities as human beings can far outweigh our differences, and that all "good" people can have a positive impact on the lives of others & on our planet as a whole.


Since I was able to walk, athletics have always played a huge part in my life.  College soccer, scuba, snowboarding, basketball, rock climbing, high-altitude mountaineering, etc. have helped instill in me some positive life skills; discipline, dedication, team work, hard work & to never give up.


Passionate about filmmaking & adventure, with a love for being on either side of the camera, I have been fortunate enough to have developed a fairly well-versed set of acting, production, writing & directing skills over the years.  Combined with a foundation in international business, marketing, PR and events management, I try to utilize this broad range of experience to enhance & maximize the potential of the projects I am involved in. 

From feature films to documentaries, from commercial print & improvised comedy radio to international sports marketing & events management, I take great joy in working on a wide range of original projects. 

Being born in Spain, living in Germany, and spending most of my summers in Europe after moving to the United States, the desire to experience the wonderful landscapes & cultures of our world was entrenched in me early on.  It became clear that international travel, adventure, business & philanthropy were to become major driving forces in my life.